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Star Delta / DOL (Direct On Line) Panel Electric Panel
Star Delta / DOL (Direct On Line) Panel Electric Panel
Star Delta / DOL (Direct On Line) Panel Electric Panel
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09 Jul 2019
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Synchrone Genset Panel Electric Panel PLN Lovato
Synchrone Genset Panel - Lovato Genset
Panel Capacitor Bank Capasitor Bank 12 Step 14 Step 16 Step with harmonic protection
COS Panel and LBS - PLN Genset ATS Panel
DOL and Star Delta Motor Start Panels
COS and LBS Panels - ATS Panel

Description of Star Delta / DOL (Direct On Line) Panel
Sell ​​Star Delta Panel / Direct On Line Panel
Selling Star Delta Panel / Direct On Line Panel is one of the products sold by us as explosion proof and general electrical distributors and panel makers always provide quality and reliable products for various needs in the industrial, mining, office and commercial areas. others.

Star delta is a starting motor system that is most widely used for starting electric motors. By using a star delta starter, a surge in electricity that is too high can be avoided. how it works
is when the initial start of the motor is not subject to full voltage only 0.58 by means of a star / star. After the motor rotates and the current has started to descend using the timer the current is moved into a triangle / delta so that the voltage and current flowing into the motor are full.

D.O.L (Direct On Line) starter functions as a connecting connector and Motor voltage breaker, starter DOL is generally used as a starter for small motors. In the dol starter, the torque start that occurs is very high and higher than the requirement

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