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Specification of Panel Board Accessories

Synchrone Genset Board Accessories Panel PLN Lovato

Synchrone Genset Panel - Lovato Genset

Panel Capacitor Bank Capasitor Bank 12 Step 14 Step 16 Step with harmonic protection

COS Panels and LBS - PLN Genset ATS Panel

DOL and Star Delta Motor Start Panels

COS Panel and LBS - ATS Panel

Description of Fire Alarm System Panel / Fire Alarm Control Panel

Sell ​​Alarm System Panel / Fire Alarm Control Panel

Alarm System Panel / Fire Alarm Control Panel is one of the products sold by us as explosion proof and general electrical distributors and panel makers always provide quality and reliable products for various needs in the industrial, mining, office and other commercial areas. .


In the field, there are 3 detection and control systems, namely:

1. Non addressable system.

This system is also called conventional system. In this system MCFA receives input signals directly from all detectors (usually very limited in number) without addressing and immediately orders the output component to respond to the input. This system is generally used in small-scale buildings / supervision areas, such as housing, shops or in certain rooms in a secured building.

2. Semi addressable system

In this system grouping / zoning is carried out on the detector & input receiving device based on the supervisory area. Each of these zones is controlled (both input and output) by a zone controller that has a specific address / address. When the detector or other input receiver provides a signal, the MCFA will respond (I / O) based on the zone controller that feeds it.

In its construction each zone can consist of:

a. one floor in a building / building.

b. several adjacent rooms on one floor in a building / building.

c. some rooms that have the characteristics of tai in a building / building.

The MCFA display will read the address of the zone where the symptoms of fire occur, so that the actions that must be taken can be localized only in that zone.

3. Full addressable system.

It is a development of a semi-addressable system. In this system, all detectors and input devices have a specific address, so that the process of suppression and evacuation can be carried out directly at the point where the fire is expected.

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