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Handle Talkie Explosion Proof
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In the digital era, today almost everyone has a cell phone with a wider range and capabilities of increasingly sophisticated smart phones, communication devices HT (walkie-talkie) radio based.

Handle Talkie (HT) Explosion Proof:
It's the simplest reason, inevitably, some jobs require the use of HT in daily life, such as traffic police, miners, security, event organizer was prevalent even using this small device.
In many cases, the use of radio HT has saved many lives when in emergency situations, for example in case of natural disasters, search and rescue in the mountains, waters, underground caves, mobile medical officer, as well as the gravity of the situation more. For this reason also no one is buying and storing radio communication specifically as emergency preparedness, just in case if at any time of emergency, it can help the safety of themselves or others, given the track public communication such as telephone and mobile are usually disconnected for some time. In the US and Canada, at the program radio communication system is still the main backbone when disaster strikes storms, floods, tsunamis, and earthquakes.
This is a strong reason why the HT is still used in many particular job, because there HT function that can not be replaced by mobile phones, namely communication one-to-many or broadcast voice information and communication independently without dependence on others. Thus the information submitted by HT can be heard by all those who monitor it, so it can be easy to coordinate mobile teams simultaneously. Event organizer, field officer, security, rescue teams or even a convoy of vehicles, all to capitalize on this aspect of practicality.
Unquestionably, would be used continuously or only once or twice, licensing fees and the purchase of HT is fixed, without spending another cost as well as internet or mobile phone communications. Going for a walk in the big malls, tourist attractions, are now also easier communication with many family members wear HT petite than SMS or phone.

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